Wide range of software solutions to enable a simple integration of our machines in any personalisation and mailing environment. Turn-key solutions for a fast integration or software development kits for third-parties software integration.

eLaser Suite - for a fast integration of our desktop Laser Engraving solutions. It includes SDK, diagnostic tools and demo software.

Card Factory Studio - Card Design and Personalisation Software. It is a complete software solution supporting card design for Laser Engraving cards and database management. Card Factory Studio enable an easy configuration and operation of laser engraving machines.

S-PRO and S-MAIL - Complete software solutions to manage our high-productivity machines like DCMS mailing systems and DC-PRO. A deep integration with machine controllers and user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface), helps in operating complex machines easily and reliably. Easy production job creation and production overview. Complete audit system for a seamless production control.


Card Design AND Personalisation Software

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Quality Control and Sorting