Mailing Solutions

Card Mailing Machines - Robust and flexible mailing machines capable to easily adapt to different card materials and thickness and to different card carrier and envelope formats. The solutions are designed to help the operators to quickly setup new production jobs in order to improve card mailing productivity. All our machines are engineered with a secure and reliable PLC controlled logic. Controller Software with a Simple Graphical User Interface helps the machine operators to run the machine in an efficient way.

Mailing Modules - Folding units, inserter units, labelling units to cover any mailing need. These solution can be stand-alone or integrated into complex systems.

PIN printing - Banking, GSM, PKI high speed PIN printing machines. The PIN number can be printed using Laser technology or Inkjet technology. The machines can be sold with a complete software solution including HSM. control software.


Card Mailing Machine with speed up to 3500 cards/hour, flexible and reliable industrial mailing



Flexible folding unit supporting different formats and folding process

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Card mailing machine with productivity up to 2.5000 cards/hour. Easy and fast setup

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Robust and industrial inserter.

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Quality Control and Sorting