The DC PRO is a robust platform with a fast card channel (up to 3.000 cards/h) with a modular design. Suitable for multiple use cases: Encoding, Laser Personalisation, Visual inspection, Personalisation Data Integrity and Sorting. Supporting ISO7810 – ID1 cards with a true plug-and-play modular design is the ideal solution for any personalisation bureau, system integrator or any ID decentralized issuance program.

Many options are available: Laser Engraving, Vision Systems, Contact ISO7816 Chip Encoding, RFID encoding, magnetic stripe encoding and reading, barcode reading, OCV, OCR, multiple input and multiple output.


The Basic module has an input magazine and 3 to 4 stations freely configurable. Additional machine units (modules) can be added with a ‘plug-and-play’ concept.


  • High speed laser engraving
  • Smartcard pre-personalisation
  • Quality inspection for defects scratches, colours, logos, OCV and OCR
  • EMV data Integrity
  • Sorting and Sequence control


The machine can mount Flip over unit, Lockable magazines and can combine Personalisation with Sorting and Quality Control. Different Laser sources can be installed: Diode Pumped, Fiber Laser and special sources to mark on different materials such as low cost standard PVC cards and metal cards


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Quality Control and Sorting