The DCMS 2500 with a speed up to 2.500 cards per hour is the perfect mailing solution for any Payment and Government smartcards program. The DCMS 2500 is engineered to be the first heavy-duty 24:7 industrial mailing machine in its price segment. The DCMS-2500 is a mailing machine with a modular and flexible design to adapt to the industry needs. The DCMS-2500 is based on the same card matching unit of the DCMS-3500 allowing upgrades to this version in case of volume increase in order to minimize the Overall investments.


Speed up to 2.500 cards per hour. Easy job setup to maximize productivity in modern fragmented production batches. Capability to work with offline and inline printer to optimize productivity and reworks.


The machine has been designed and produced with high-quality materials and sub-components. A prooven 24:7 design ensures reliabilty and a secure card mailing process.


Matching unit with a wide range of card reading technology. Selective attachments with barcode control. No mechanical set-up for cards thickness change. Easy set-up to change folding type. Easy integration with the common laser and Inkjet paper printers.


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