The DCLE-SMART is a flexible, modular and precise Smartcards and ePassports Laser Personalization Machine. A unique design for the personalization of SmartCards and ePassports with the same DCLE SMART laser personalization system. The DCLE SMART flexibility and the reliability turns the machine into a perfect solution for any Government or Banking Smartcard and ePassport personalization project maximizing the ROI while reducing the investments.

Many options are available to achieve any Card security and graphical feature. ISO7816 Contact and RFID encoding for smartcards personalisation. Pattern matching cameras with OCR features to ensure precise Laser engraving. Flip-over unit to allow a dual side automatic marking. Barcode readers and magnetic stripe encoder are available to complete the encoding and reading possibilities.


The printer can be easily setup to personalize SmartCards and ePassports. The Reduced footprint is perfect for distributed issuing and central issuing.Designed for High Reliability and easy maintenance. Different Laser sources can be installed: Diode Pumped, Fiber Laser and special sources to mark on different materials such as low cost standard PVC cards and Metal cards


The machine configuration change between passports and cards requires less than 1 minute and doesn't require any tool. A confortable user experience thanks to Ergonomics and usability. Simple status information and operator friendly design to maximize the user experience.


The featured laser engraving is the state-of-the-art in terms of personalization security. It supports many Secure personalization technologies allowing enhanced security effects like Tactile Effects, MLI, CLI and Forensics.


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