Card Solutions

Desktop to Enteprise solutions to cover any Instant Issuing, decentralized or Central Issuing Smartcard program.

Laser Engraving, Chip Encoding, RFID encoding, Branch sorting, Quality control, Personalisation Audit, Vision systems and mailing machines.

Driven Cards Laser Engraving Machines, can mount different type of laser sources to address any modern industry marking need. Our solutions can engrave and manage different materials like: Polycarbonate cards, Laser Markable PVC cards, standard PVC cards (with no need to add an overlay material) and Metal Cards.

A wide range of post-personalisation solutions covers many use cases like: personalisation and card quality control, Sorting, counting and mailing. All our solutions, which are completely engineered and manufactured in-house, can be customized to address any customer need.


The ultimate multi application platform. Laser Engraving, Visual Inspection, EMV quality audit and Sorting

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Card Mailing Machine with speed up to 3500 cards/hour, flexible and reliable industrial mailing

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Compact and light card printer for large decentralized card issuing programs

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Flexible and reliable modular sorting system

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A unique design for the personalization of SmartCards and ePassports with the same system

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Card mailing machine with productivity up to 2.5000 cards/hour. Easy and fast setup

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Card Factory Studio

A complete Card production software to experience a simple Laser machine use



Quality Control and Sorting