Cardfactory Studio is a true complete solution for document personalisation (labels, cards, ID documents etc.) through desktop printer devices and Driven Cards Laser Engraving Machines. Cardfactory Studio integrates with any database to bring you an easy-to-use card design and issuance platform. User access can be restricted using the role-based access control mechanism and the Microsoft Active Directory integration support.

USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE - Easy to use card design fully integrated in all the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

COMPLETE ISSUING LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT - User authentication and authorization, Data acquisition, Card layout creation, Printing and Encoding.

DATA MANAGEMENT - Interface to multiple Data sources like CSV, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, MySql, Postgres, and Oracle. Centralized Layout management. Update and Insert operations data from user interface and feedback fields.

FULL ENCODING PERSONALIZATION - Chip encoding modules including EMV, magnetic stripe encoding.

COMPATIBLE WITH A WHOLE RANGE OF PRINTERS AND PRINTING TECNIQUE - Thermal transfer, Retransfer printing, Embossing/Indent, Laser Engraving, Laser Printing from the main industry brands.

PHOTO AND BIOMETRIC DATA CAPTURING - Interface with photo and Biometric data-capturing devices such as fingerprint reader, webcam, DSLR camera and scanner.


  • Easy solution to create, issue and manage cards and data.
  • Pre-built database configurations are available and easy to set up through the user interface.

  • Contact memory and microprocessors.
  • Mifare Classic, Plus, Mifare Desfire, LEGIC.
  • ISO14443 and ISO15693.
  • Native Barcode Engine 1D, 2D QR Code.

  • Based on hardware dongle or software license.
  • Integrated in the Card Factory Advance Suite for Smart ID Personalization.

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