Driven Cards S.r.l.

Established in 2006. Driven Cards is a professional, young and focused Technology Solution Provider in the Secure Identity Market. Our solutions covering Passports and Cards personalization, Passport lamination, Quality control, Sorting and Mailing systems will help any Government and Payment association willing to evolve their Secure Identity and Secure Payment projects.

Driven Cards is a privately Owned Enterprise, investors have a long personal history in the Smartcard Industry and in the Precise Automation Industry. We have an In-house Research and Development team specialized in secure documents, precise automation and vision systems.

The Engineering capabilities and expertise allow Driven Cards to build customized solutions for any card and passport program needs. Our successes in important ID projects combined with our proactive approach are our passport to be your new business partner. Driven Cards is the right partner for any Government, Payment Institution or System Integrator willing to develop a secure card issuance program.

Driven Cards S.r.l.

Via IX Strada 2, 95121 Catania (Italy)

Tel. +390957139507

P.IVA/VAT 05508010963


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