Passport Solutions

Passport Laser Engraving machines for ICAO compliant passports with polycarbonate datapage - Laser Engraving, RFID encoding, MLI, OCR, Quality control. All our personalisation solutions have a simple Software Development Kit (SDK) which allows a simple integration of our machines in any passport issuance software platform.

Desktop passport laminators with unique flat plate technology - Fast lamination process: less than 10 seconds. Reliable and durable laminate foil adhesion for a secure and reliable passport security. Support for multiple laminate foils vendors.

Our Engineering and production capability can support any customer need for custom solutions.


The unique passport desktop laminator featuring fast and reliable flat plate lamination technology

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A unique design for the personalization of SmartCards and ePassports with the same system

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Easy and reliable solution for sawn-in laminates

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Card Factory Studion

A complete Card production software to experience a simple Laser machine use



Compact and easy to use Passport laser engraving system



Quality Control and Sorting